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WebResponder Class Reference

#include <WebResponder.h>

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Public Member Functions

ConstString getCss ()
bool init ()
bool closeDevices ()
bool read (ConnectionReader &in)
bool setResourceFinder (ResourceFinder &rf)
bool setUserPath (const ConstString &_userPath)
bool setResourcePath (const ConstString &_resourcePath)

Protected Member Functions

string readFile (const ConstString &filePath)
string readHtml (const ConstString &fileName)
bool appendToFile (const ConstString &absFile, const ConstString &inString)
bool rewriteFile (const ConstString &absFile, const ConstString &inString)
bool deleteFile (const ConstString &absFile)
string & replaceAll (string &context, const string &from, const string &to)
int stringToInt (const ConstString &inString)
double stringToDouble (const ConstString &inString)
ConstString doubleToString (const double &inDouble)
ConstString intToString (const int &inInt)
ConstString pipedExec (const ConstString &cmd)
ConstString pointButtonCreator (const ConstString &pointsFile)
ConstString wordOptionCreator (const ConstString &wordsFile)
ConstString fileListCreator ()
ConstString taskListCreator ()
ConstString taskButtonCreator ()

Protected Attributes

ResourceFinder rf
bool simConnected
bool realConnected
ConstString userPath
ConstString resourcePath
yarp::dev::PolyDriver simDevice
yarp::dev::IPositionControl * simPos
yarp::dev::IControlMode * simMode
yarp::dev::PolyDriver realDevice
yarp::dev::IPositionControl * realPos
yarp::dev::IControlMode * realMode
double captureX [NUM_CART_COORDS]
ConstString lastEditName

Detailed Description

The WebResponder class manages YARP web RPCs as callbacks and additionally manages resouces and parses HTML code before acting as a mini-server. Used by WebInterface.

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