An application that launches a cartesianServer module and a wiimoteServer module, and establishes a connection between them. More...

Collaboration diagram for wiimoteServer App:


Copyright: 2012 (C) Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Author: Juan G. Victores

CopyPolicy: Released under the terms of the LGPLv2.1 or later, see license/LGPL.TXT


The application is installed when you install the applications, which for Ubuntu is done by:

make install_applications  # In-project install: No super-user permissions are required.

Adapt repos/asibot-main/share/wiimoteServer/scripts/wiimoteServer.xml.template to your needs or just:

cd repos/asibot-main/share/wiimoteServer/scripts
cp wiimoteServer.xml.template wiimoteServer.xml

You will also need the cartesianServer module and wiimoteServer module. For further installation steps refer to your own system installation guidelines.

Running (assuming correct installation)

First we must run a YARP name server if it is not running in our current namespace:

[on terminal 1] yarp server

We will also need an instance of yarprun if it is not running in our current namespace:

[on terminal 2] yarprun --server /console

Browse to repos/asibot-main/share and run yarpmanager (formerly gyarpmanager). The wiimoteServer App should be available.

[on terminal 3] cd repos/asibot-main/share
[on terminal 3] yarpmanager