Collaboration diagram for colorSegmentor:

The colorSegmentor module tracks a red can and streams its location in the format "lata roja [cm] [cm]" through a yarp::os::Port output called /redCan:o. The current implementation uses blobs and OpenCV, so a cvNamedWindow with the tracking is simultaneously displayed. yarpdev –device opencv_grabber –movie http://CAMERA_IP/mjpg/video.mjpg


Copyright: 2011 (C) Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Author: Juan G. Victores

Contrib: Carlos Fernández-Portal (author of the MATLAB code that contained the original algorithm)

CopyPolicy: Released under the terms of the LGPLv2.1 or later, see license/LGPL.TXT


The module is compiled when ENABLE_colorSegmentor is activated (default: OFF). For further installation steps refer to your own system installation guidelines.

Running (assuming correct installation)

yarp server &



This file can be edited at src/modules/colorSegmentor/main.cpp