Creates an instance of the WebInterface class. Calls are handled by the WebResponder class. It is used by the webInterface App. More...

Collaboration diagram for webInterface:
Fig. 1 - Web browser screenshot of contents provided by the webInterface module (see webInterface Video).


Copyright: 2012 (C) Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Author: Juan G. Victores

CopyPolicy: Released under the terms of the LGPLv2.1 or later, see license/LGPL.TXT


The module is compiled when ENABLE_webInterface is activated (default: OFF). For further installation steps refer to your own system installation guidelines.

Running (assuming correct installation)

First we must run a YARP name server if it is not running in our current namespace:

[on terminal 1] yarp server

And then launch the actual module:

[on terminal 2] $ASIBOT_DIR/bin/webInterface

And should get some kind of feedback. The last line should be something like:

Server running, visit:

Now open a browser and go to the location indicated by that feedback, as in:

[on terminal 3] firefox &


This file can be edited at src/modules/webInterface/main.cpp