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This page contains descriptions of implemented ASIBOT modules. These implementations refer to Modules - Standard v0.2. Be sure to check the Modules - Dependency Version page too.

drv_fake [1]

A stand-alone module that simulates a 5 DOF, no joint-limited robot. Position control is totally implemented. Stop commands must be set between velocity commands (for sake of code understandability). No force control has been implemented.

Drv fake-1.PNG Drv fake-2.PNG Drv fake-3.PNG Drv fake-4.PNG Drv fake-5.PNG
Drv fake-6.PNG Drv fake-7.PNG Drv fake-8.PNG Drv fake-9.PNG

drv_ml [2]

A module that passes standard v0.2 commands to Marilou ASIBOT. Note that velocity control must be enabled in each motor of the Marilou ASIBOT model. No force control has been implemented.

drv_rave (Ubuntu / Windows)

A module that instantiates a OpenRAVE kitchen with ASIBOT environment. ASIBOT recieves Modules - Standard v0.2 commands. Current controller does not break correctly, physics activated will make gravity move the stopped robot. No force control has been implemented.

Drv rave-3.jpg

vis_rsanchez [?]

Currently under development, integrates OpenCV and GTK. Check out the recent video.