Eigen 2.0.12 Windows Install

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To install Eigen 2.0.12, click on the following link: http://bitbucket.org/eigen/eigen/get/2.0.12.tar.gz and save the file to a given folder. Extract its contents. Create a folder called build. Open CMake. Use the Eigen folder full path in the first form slot (such as C:\robotsuc3mes\eigen), and build full path in the second slot (such as C:\robotsuc3mes\eigen\build). Press Configure, Finish once selected VS2008, Configure again, then Generate once. Close CMake. Browse to build, open "eigen.sln" and open it (it is a MS Visual Studio 2009 solution file). Change build type from Debug to Release. Right-click on INSTALL from the Solution Explorer of the left, and click on BUILD from the deployed menu.

The best FindEigen2.cmake file can be found with KDL (paragraph 2).