HOAP3 - Photo and video gallery

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Photo gallery

  • Several photos of the robot.
  • Several photos of the OpenRave model of the robot.

Video gallery

Dance performance at the XXX Jornadas de Automática Valladolid in September 2009

Learning Based on Demonstrations in a Humanoid Robot for Standing up Postural Control

BiRTT navigation using the HOAP-3 robot head as the COG

Full-body postural control of a humanoid robot with both imitation learning and skill innovation

HOAP standing up from a chair and walking avoiding an obstacle

HOAP robot openning a door

More videos

  • Dance performance at the XXX Jornadas de Automática which took place in Valladolid in September 2009: HOAP dancing
  • HOAP-3 Robot in Openrave simulator: HOAP OpenRAVE
  • HOAP-3 saying hello in Openrave simulator: Hello
  • HOAP-3 walking in Openrave simulator: Walk
  • HOAP-3 dancing in Openrave simulator: Dance
  • HOAP-3 performing different actions through teleoperation: HOAP teleoperation