KDL 1.0.2 Windows Install

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Note: Depends on Eigen.

  • In "kdl-1.0.2/config" you'll find a file called "FindEigen2.cmake". Edit its contents for it to point to the installed Eigen2 directory, normally from /usr/include /usr/include/eigen2 to "C:/Archivos de programa/Eigen/include" "C:/Archivos de programa/Eigen/include/eigen2" or "C:/Program Files/Eigen/include" "C:/Program Files/Eigen/include/eigen2". QUOTES ARE MANDATORY. Additionally you must change line 4 to:
  • Return to the KDL directory. Create a folder called build. Open CMake. Use the KDL folder full path in the first form slot (such as C:\robotsuc3mes\kdl-1.0.2), and build full path in the second slot (such as C:\robotsuc3mes\kdl-1.0.2\build). Press Configure, Finish once selected VS2008, Configure again, then Generate once. Close CMake and browse to winbuild, open "Orocos-KDL.sln" and open it (it is a MS Visual Studio 2009 solution file). Change build type from Debug to Release. Press Build -> Build Solution. Right-click on INSTALL from the Solution Explorer of the left, and click on BUILD from the deployed menu.
  • With that you have the dynamic but you still do not have the static library. You'll have to enter kdl-1.0.2\src\CMakeLists.txt, change SHARED to STATIC in line 7. Repeat the process of the last paragraph.