Modules - Naming Modules and Variables

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This page contains guidelines on how to name modules and variables in Module Guidelines v0.3.

  • Each Module Category in the trunk folder structure should contain modules that represent the same single block in the control block diagram (you can see existing Module Categories in Modules - Command Format.
  • Interfaces should be the same throughout all the elements of the same Module Category, to assure interchangability.
  • When the module is a hardware interface, it is recommended to create a dummy (fake) module too for debugging purposes of other modules in absence of hardware component or simulator equivalent.
  • Each module name should contain (in order, lower-cased, and separated by underscores):
    • A three letter prefix that represents the Module Category.
    • A description of its implementation.
  • Each port should contain:
    • The description of the module implementation.
    • The short-nomenclature data type identifier.
  • Each internal variable related with communication (bottle, int...) should contain:
    • The descriptor such as 'bottle', 'int'...
    • The short-nomenclature data type identifier.
    • The I/O identifier: 'i' for input, 'o' for output, 'io' for input/output.
\** Example **\
Module Type: Joint Motion Controller
 Module: jmc_fake
 Ports: fake_q
 Internal Parameters: bottle_q_i, bottle_q_o, double_q_i[], double_q_o[]...