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More Tutorials (continuation from Tutorial Section on Main Page)
Guidelines on how to write a document (Spanish) - Templates can be found HERE
Library Installation Guides (English)
MediaWiki (English)
Subversion (Spanish)
Blender for Engineers (English)
How to connect YARP and MATLAB (English)
How to use Blender for exporting models for OpenRAVE (English)
Google Style Guide for C++ (English)

Mediawiki-Related Tutorials

Other Links of Interest

  • Stream Visualizer:[1]] can work with data received from files (including pipes), standard input, YARP ports and ROS topics. Also check icub/contrib/portscope.
  • A simple Eye-in-Hand Visual Servoing link A camera is mounted on the arm itself, near the gripper, in an eye-in-hand configuration. This a practical example very easy to understand and with source code available (for explanation proposes). Ideal for starting a new PFC work.