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The following is a guide for compilation of jmc_rave on a fresh Ubuntu 10.04 (as of 15/05/2010, what you get from a sudo aptitude safe-upgrade)(Note from JGV: Also worked for Ubuntu 9.04!)(click here for Windows guide). Most installs are from source and correct version is assured following the Modules - Dependency Version specification (compatibility!). Source tarballs can also be found at (permanent links!).

Always insert password and answer YES when required!

First install some basic utilities:

sudo apt-get install build-essential cmake cmake-curses-gui subversion

Then install ACE (ACE is needed for YARP).

Then install YARP 2.2.6 (YARP is needed for jmc_rave).

Then install Boost 1.39 (BOOST is needed for OpenRave).

Then install OpenRAVE R1457 (OpenRave is needed for jmv_rave).

And finally compile the actual module:

svn co
cd jmc_rave; mkdir build; cd build
cmake ..
cd ../..

Note: YARP_DIR is set to /yarp-2.2.6/build by default. It should point to the directory where "YARPConfig.cmake" is, which is usually the YARP build directory. Something like the following should work.

find -name "YARPConfig.cmake"
export YARP_DIR=absoulte_path_to_the_DIR_where_it_is

To run:

cd jmc_rave/out/linux-x86


For compliance with older RCG (RCGv02), change:

svn co


svn co

Or for bleeding edge version, use:

svn co