Jmc rave Windows Install

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The following is a guide for compilation of jmc_rave on a MS Windows Operating System (click here for Ubuntu guide). Most installs are from source and correct version is assured following the Modules - Dependency Version specification (compatibility!). Source tarballs can also be found at (permanent links!).

First, you must install Tortoise SVN, CMake, MS Virtual Studio 2009 (requires license), and possibly WinRAR.

Then install ACE (ACE is needed for YARP).

Then install YARP 2.2.6 (YARP is needed for jmc_rave).

Then install OpenRAVE R1457 (OpenRAVE is needed for jmc_rave).

And finally compile the actual module: Right-click in your folder and click on SVN checkout. Paste in the first form slot (URL of repository). Click on OK. Create a folder called "build" inside "jmc_rave". Open CMake. Use the jmc_rave folder full make path in the first form slot (such as C:\robotsuc3mes\jmc_rave), and build full path in the second slot (such as C:\robotsuc3mes\jmc_rave\build). Press Configure, Finish once selected VS2008, Configure again, then Generate once. Close CMake and browse to build, open "jmc_rave.sln" and open it (it is a MS Visual Studio 2009 solution file). Change build type from Debug to Release. Press Build --> Build Solution.

You either need OpenRAVE's .dll's in Windows' Path or copy them to win32/Release for the executable to work.


For compliance with older RCG (RCGv02), change:

svn co


svn co

Or for bleeding edge version, use:

svn co