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Module Standard v0.3 - Command Format
The intention of this standard is to keep internal coherence and compatability with RoboticsLab robot Modules which follow this standard (such as Asibot - Implemented Modules). It corresponds to Module Standard v0.3 and replaces v0.1 and v0.2. It is intended to be a description of module interfaces and data flow representation. Port interface is referred to TCP/UDP/MCAST/SHMEM cloud side, not CAN or USB (that can coexist in hardware-related modules). A referenced list of implemented modules should also be included. Be sure to check the Modules - Dependency Version page too.
Nomenclature: D for double, I for integer, S for string.

Joint Motion Controllers (JMC)

These modules should recieve joint (q) commands. While any q is in movement, a callback should be a set up to be able to receive Stop or Status Poll command. On the other hand, the module should send a message when a command has been performed (w/ info on degree of accomplishment) or stopped.

Module: jmc_name
Port: name_q

- Stop:              "I:-1"
- Status poll:       "I:0 (S:verb D:verb=0)"
- Absolute position: "I:1 S:tag1 D:pos1 ... S:tagn D:posn (S:vgen D:vgen=100)"
- Relative position: "I:1 S:tag1 D:pos1 ... S:tagn D:posn (S:vgen D:vgen=100)"
- Velocity:          "I:3 S:tag1 D:vel1 ... S:tagn D:veln"
- Force:             "I:4 S:tag1 D:amp1 ... S:tagn D:ampn"
- Syncronize:        "I:5 S:tag1 D:vel1 ... S:tagn D:veln"

- Status response (verb=0): "I:stat S:tag1 D:pos1 ... S:tagn D:posn"

Units: Degrees, Percentage of maximum degrees per second, Amperes

Example Tags: q1, q2, q3, q4, q5, q6, q7
Implemented JMCs:

jmc_rave: A module that instantiates a OpenRAVE kitchen with ASIBOT environment. read more...

Cartesian Motion Controllers (CMC)

Module: cmc_name
Port: name_x

- Stop:              "I:-1"
- Status poll:       "I:0"
- Absolute position (base): "I:1 S:tag1 D:pos1 ... S:tagn D:Qnpos D:Qgenvel"
- Relative position (base): "I:2 S:tag1 D:pos1 ... S:tagn D:Qnpos D:Qgenvel"
- End-effector position:    "I:3 S:tag1 D:pos1 ... S:tagn D:Qnpos D:Qgenvel"

Example Tags: x, y, z, roll, pitch, yaw


Module: sns_name
Port: name_info

- Status poll:       "I:0"

- Status response:   "I:0 S:tag1 D:value1 ... S:tagn D:valuen"

Example Tags: accX, accY, accZ, gyrX, gyrY, gyrZ, magX, magY, magZ