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Robot Component Guidelines v0.3 - Library Versioning
Applicable to Robot Component Guidelines v0.3, such as in Asibot - Implemented Modules. Many source tarballs can be found inside the Asibot Code Repository. Many guides are from-source-builds, as binary packages tend to become depreciated as newer versions of the same distribution are released. You may rather install the binary package if it exists, at your own risk. Another important factor is that most builds depend heavily on CMake and therefore on "*.cmake" files. These files mostly point to source code directories (not installation directories). Therefore, it is convenient, when in development, not to erase such directories.
Library Version Installation
CMake >= 2.6
ACE Ubuntu / Windows
Boost 1.39 Ubuntu
Eigen 2.0.12 Ubuntu / Windows
KDL 1.0.2 Ubuntu / Windows
Qt 4
YARP 2.2.6 Ubuntu / Windows
OpenRAVE R1457 Ubuntu / Windows