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Important Notice: This standard has been replaced by Modules - Standard v0.3.
Most prominent changes have been in the folder structure (drop extern) and consecuently CMake (also drop mk).

The intention of this standard is to keep internal coherence and compatability with RoboticsLab robot Modules which follow this standard (such as Asibot_-_Implemented_Modules_v0.2). It replaces Modules - Standard v0.1. It is intended to be a description of module interfaces and data flow representation. Port interface is referred to TCP/UDP/MCAST/SHMEM cloud side, not CAN or USB (that can coexist in hardware-related modules). A referenced list of implemented modules should also be included. Be sure to check the Modules - Dependency Version page too.

Nomenclature: D for double, I for integer, S for string.

Joint Motion Controllers

These modules should receive joint (q) commands. While any q is in movement, a callback should be a set up to be able to receive Stop or Status Poll command. On the other hand, the module should send a message when a command has been performed (w/ info on degree of accomplishment) or stopped.

Module: jmc_name
Port: name_q

- Stop:              "I:-1" (bottle_q_i)
- Status poll:       "I:0" (bottle_q_i)
- Relative position: "I:1 D:Q1pos ... D:Qnpos D:Qgenvel" (bottle_q_i)
- Absolute position: "I:2 D:Q1pos ... D:Qnpos D:Qgenvel" (bottle_q_i)
- Syncronize:        "I:5X " (bottle_q_i) <- X=axis

- Status Response:   "I:stat D:Q1pos ... D:Qnpos" (bottle_q_o)
Units: Degrees, Percentage based on max degrees per second, ¿¿N/m or A??.
Example: Command to rave_q: 2 0 -10 10 0 0 60 (all axis and vgen)
Implemented Drivers:

drv_fake: A stand-alone module that simulates a 5 DOF, no joint-limited robot. read more...
drv_ml: A module that passes standard v0.2 commands to Marilou ASIBOT. read more...
drv_rave: A module that instantiates a OpenRAVE kitchen with ASIBOT environment. read more...



This groups GUIs, voice recognition modules...



This module should be able to take the description from a file and generate joint solutions for proposed cartesian goal.

Module: trj_name
Port: name_xi_io
 - Data: bottle_xi_io "I:code D:X D:Y D:Z D:ROLL D:PITCH D:YAW D:genvel"
Port: name_q_io
 - Data: bottle_q_o "I:code D:Q1pos ... D:Qnpos D:Qgenvel"
 - Data: bottle_q_o "I:code D:Q1vel ... D:Qnvel"
 - Data: bottle_q_i "I:code D:Q1pos ... D:Qnpos"
 - 10: Read absolute position, base coordinate
 - 11: Absolute position with wait, base coordinate
 - 12: Relative position with wait, base coordinate
 - 13: Relative position with wait, tool coordinate
 - 14: Absolute position without wait, base coordinate
 - 15: Relative position without wait, base coordinate
 - 16: Relative position without wait, tool coordinate


Module: pln_name


Module: stb_name


Module: tol_name


The output of this module is a cartesian goal (derived from a distance and orientation).

Module: vis_name
Ports: name_xg_o
 - Data: bottle_xg_o "D:X D:Y D:Z D:ROLL D:PITCH D:YAW"