OpenRAVE R1457 Windows Install

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  • To install OpenRAVE R1457, right-click in your folder and click on SVN checkout. Paste in the first form slot (URL of repository). The second slot (checkout directory) should look something like: E:\robotsuc3mes\openrave. Change the Head Revision option to Revision and specify (type) the number 1457. Click on OK. Run runcmake_win.bat from the downloaded files.
Note that this extracts a slightly hacked version of Boost 1.39 for win32.
  • Install Coin3d-2[1] (this must be done before running CMake. It's for coin-config, though final coin2.lib used will be the one that comes with openrave.

Open CMake. Use the OpenRAVE folder full path in the first form slot (such as C:\robotsuc3mes\openrave), and build full path in the second slot (such as C:\robotsuc3mes\openrave\build). Press Configure, Finish once selected VS2008, Configure again, then Generate once. Close CMake and browse to build, open "openrave.sln" and open it (it is a MS Visual Studio 2009 solution file). Change build type from Debug to Release. Press Build --> Build Solution. Right-click on INSTALL from the Solution Explorer of the left, and click on BUILD from the deployed menu.

Note: The following steps may be necessary:

* To build the solution without any errors, open the header file basic.h (it should be in
something like C:\robotsuc3mes\openrave\inc\Inventor\C) and enter the instruction
#define COIN_NOT_DLL around line 27.

* Link: coin2.lib to qtcoinviewer, link: libboost-system____.lib to libopenrave-core
(in visual studio, right-button -> properties)

For correct integration with CMake, find "FindOpenRAVE.cmake" (it should be in something like C:\Archivos de programa\openrave\share\openrave\cppexamples or C:\Program Files\openrave\share\openrave\cppexamples). Change the file's contents from Program Files to Archivos de programa if applicable. Copy it to the CMake Modules directory (something like C:\Archivos de programa\CMake 2.6\share\cmake-2.6\Modules).

If the viewer and other plugins are no found, make sure the DLLs are in openrave\share\openrave\plugins\*.dll (not in subdirectories).