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Welcome to the TEO Wiki. Links to other robot projects can be found in the Main Page.

Everyday Log

Links of General Interest


Social media

To Do

This list should also include long-shot ideas, and applies for: this server, this wiki, TEO (the actual robot), and TEOrepo. For kinematics-dynamics, yarp-devices and vision, please use the previously provided links.

  • [General]
    • Create working partitions (freeze for demos).
  • [Server]:
    • wiki cron.
  • [Wiki] Diagrams:
    • Camera X axis offset.
    • Masses.
  • [TEO] Hardware:
    • Battery management system
  • [TEOrepo] PIC firmware:
    • Read 485 for JR3 force sensors.
  • [TEO] demos:
    • We can put a hashtag in RoboticsLab twitter for promotion the robot when people take photos with it. For example: #IloveTeo
  • Accomplished Tasks