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Install GitBook#

Page related to open source GitBook (sometimes aka Legacy), not new closed source version.

Official page:

Install GitBook (Ubuntu)#



sudo npm install -g gitbook-cli

To be able to serve via GitBook#

Make sure your project has a file called in its root.


How to install GitBook plugins (if present in project)#

Only necesary once per project (and only if any, specified in book.json). They are installed in ./node_modules/, which should usually be set as ignored (not uploaded to repository).

gitbook install

How to serve (defaults to localhost:4000)#

gitbook serve # command builds and serves

How to build (generate _book without serving)#

gitbook build

Additional Tools#


A useful tool for auto-generating as done for roboticslab-uc3m/installation-guides. Install via:

sudo npm install -g gitbook-summary