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Install Jekyll#

We use Jekyll to generate static web sites (and GitHub Pages uses it too!).

Official page: link.

Install Jekyll (Ubuntu)#

Bundler requires Ruby version >= 2.3.0, which is the default for Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic and Ubuntu 20.04 Focal

sudo apt install ruby-dev
sudo gem install bundler jekyll

To be able to serve via Jekyll#

Make sure your project has a file called Gemfile in its root with the following contents:

source ''
gem 'github-pages', group: :jekyll_plugins

It is also common practice to have a file called .gitignore in the project root with (at least) the following contents:

# Jekyll generated

Serve via Jekyll#

bundle exec jekyll serve

Now browse to http://localhost:4000

Troubleshooting Jekyll#

To install missing components:

bundle install