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Install XSENS#

Download, compile and install XSENS YARP device from icub-main repository.

sudo apt install libgsl0-dev  # Seems to be hard dependency
cd  # go home
mkdir -p repos; cd repos  # make $HOME/repos if it doesn't exist; then, enter it
git clone
cd icub-main && mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..  -DENABLE_icubmod_xsensmtx=ON  # Configure the icub-main software
make -j$(nproc)  # compile
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

Check installation:

yarpdev --list | grep xsensmtx

Set rules to avoid needing sudo#

In order to allow a non-sudoer to read data from the sensors connected via USB port, you need to add a rule for udev system.

Similar to the advice from debian udev documentation, create /etc/udev/rules.d/80-persistent-local-usb.rules with the following contents:

KERNEL == "ttyUSB0", MODE = "0777"

View XSENS data#

Run (may require sudo if rules not set):

yarpdev --device inertial --subdevice xsensmtx --name /inertial

Data can be vizualized via classic yarp read ... /inertial or like in teoTools.xml.