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Install YCM#

We use YCM to benefit from additional CMake modules and superbuild support. The source code is hosted on GitHub at robotology/ycm. Due to its nature, you may want to install it on your system (as a so-called hard dependency) or lazy-load on demand (soft dependency).

Install Dependencies#

Install dependencies that must be installed for compilation:

Install YCM (Ubuntu) - hard dependency#

Note that you will be prompted for your password upon using sudo. Type:

cd  # go home
mkdir -p repos && cd repos  # create $HOME/repos if it doesn't exist; then, enter it
git clone  # clone repository
mkdir -p ycm/build && cd ycm/build && cmake ..  # configure
make -j$(nproc)  # download external modules
sudo make install && cd  # install and go home

Include YCM in CMake project - soft dependency#

CMake-based projects may bootstrap YCM so that its sources are downloaded on demand - it's up to the developers to reflect this in the documentation. Under these assumptions, you should not worry about the previous installation step as everything would land in your project's <build-tree>/install directory by default. However, you may want to avoid this process (and the subsequent need for Internet connection) by installing YCM in your system paths - in this respect, please refer to the previous section. Additionally, it must be noted that bootstrapping YCM itself as well as downloading any remote package integrated in the superbuild requires that an appropriate VCS client is installed on the system. Usually, these projects are Git-based and all you need to do is to install git (we assume you did this already):

sudo apt install git

Remember to configure your Git username and email (YCM and Git).

YCM and Git#

Apart from installing Git, YCM requires that you set your username and e-mail. Type the following commands anywhere, filling the corresponding fields:

git config --global "My Username"
git config --global ""

You may set these values on a per-repository basis. In order to achieve that, browse to the root directory of the desired repo and type the previous commands, replacing --global with --local.

YCM and OpenSSL#

During its build phase, YCM expects that CMake offers support for the https:// protocol. Older CMake releases and locally built instances may lack this, see OpenSSL support.