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Install icub-main#

We use the icub-main repository for the xsensmtx device.

Make sure you have previously installed YARP with lib_math.

cd  # go home
mkdir -p repos; cd repos  # create $HOME/repos if it doesn't exist; then, enter it
git clone
cd icub-main; mkdir build; cd build
cmake .. -DENABLE_icubmod_xsensmtx=ON
make -j$(nproc)  # compile
sudo make install; sudo ldconfig; cd  # install and go home

Try xsensmtx out:

[Terminal 1] yarp server
[Terminal 2] sudo chmod 777 /dev/ttyUSB0
[Terminal 2] sudo yarpdev --subdevice xsensmtx --device inertial --name /inertial
[Terminal 3] yarp read ... /inertial